4 Skin Tips You Need for Fall!

Fall is upon us! We’re well into the fall/autumn season, which started just about a month ago. This is the time where mother nature displays its beautiful array of colors. Since a child, I’ve always loved admiring the trees will changing from luscious greens to various shades of burnt orange and rust. Pumpkin scented and flavored things are everywhere!

With the fall season also comes cooler temperatures and drier air. Summer months are gone and may have left some havoc on your skin (especially if you weren’t mindful of wearing SPF…yes, you!). We still have time before winter comes through with its harsh cold. Lucky you!

The transition from summer to fall skin care routine is pretty easy.


Just like every season, our skin goes through a 28 day cycle of shedding and renewing itself. This means you should be getting professional facial services at least once per month. Your skin care professional will ensure your skin is properly exfoliated and ready for the upcoming season. They may even point out some future breakouts sneaking up!


If you’ve been good to keeping up with your weekly exfoliation, high five! If not, now is the time to get into the groove. Exfoliating properly will assist in removing the buildup of dead skin and sweat that may have accumulated during summer months.


Don’t run to your extra thick, super moisturizing creams and lotions just yet! Yes, your skin does need a little more in the moisture department, however, stick to the relatively lightweights in this category. Look for those with humectants such as glycerin or sodium hyaluronate. These ingredients add moisture without the oiliness.


Just because the temperature isn’t as hot these months does not mean to ditch your SPF! The suns powerful rays are still out there. Continue protecting your skin using a sun protection product with a SPF of least 30. Reapply as instructed.

Credit: My Melanin Skin, 4 Skin Tips You Need For Fall, Brittany Watkins, https://www.mymelaninskin.com/blog-skin/fallskintips?fbclid=IwAR3OkNVcJm8JaghjogAIs35SolfSsaTmdNGR6Eh2_sTfTN9GoVfdBzaTIWo

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