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A 20/20 visionary view of 2020...

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

New Year's resolutions have existed since the early 19th century, and perhaps as far back as the late 17th century. Have you ever done them?

Every new year, most of us set new goals. You know the drill, it’s usually things like losing weight, getting fit…and so on.

Some people are so good at following through with their intentions, but for many of us, these new year’s resolutions can vanish into thin air as soon as the day rises on the second of January. That’s why I never enter ‘The Resolution Games’—No challenges, no new ambitious goals to start the year.

Clever or not, who knows…

Let’s look a little further. Why didn’t I ever want to set myself some new year’s objective, like everyone else?

Is it lack of ambition ? No, no !!! I’ve always had ambition, I’ve got so much of it I could sell some and still have plenty to spare.

Could it be that I’m afraid I won’t follow through on my own promises? Maybe, it could explain why I decided to look at all this declaration from a distance.

Well this year, there’s something different, as if by magic, I see things with quite a different perspective.

When I look at 2020, I can’t help but have a big smile. Oddly enough, the future reminds me of something specific from my childhood; back when the highest grade you could get is 20/20 (similarly, ironically, your vision is at its peak at 20/20)…Just between us, my friends, I never really managed to obtain this 20/20 scholastic grade in school, but hey —-this is a time long past.

So onto today...

It’s been decided. This year I’m ready to play my 20/20 A-Game in more ways than one.

I started the first day of the year with an orange juice detox.

Then I decided to do something nice, so I took my children to the seaside.

Once there, we all wrote our wishes, put them in bottles (yes, cue “Message in a bottle…” by Sting)…. Except in this moment of wishes, hopes and a bit of nostalgia…My kids and I did not throw the bottles into the sea.

Yes, we literally threw our fervent hopes and wishes out into the universe, our hearts filled with hope and joy

…for many big and beautiful things to come in the near future…

The bottles, on the other hand, were not thrown into the into the sea to add to the pollution humanity has woefully thrown into our beautiful seas and oceans…

One small step for Mother Earth.

I take my children’s hands and take them (and our messages in bottles) home.

What resolution have YOU taken on for this New Year ?

I would love to hear anything and everything about it…

- Natacha -

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