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Art Basel in Miami

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Do you love art? I so do. Let's talk about the event of the year in Miami: Art Basel

Concept society

I have always been fascinated by art, these different conceptions as a whole, this physical and aesthetic side which is found in a very precise creation technique such as: SCUPTURES, PAINTINGS, DANCE and so on. I love this poetry that each artist tries to tell in their own way.

Even if sometimes I don't understand what some artists want to express. But what counts above all is the emotion it gives me when I find myself in front of a work that I like. Miami art Basel this month of December 2019 was a first for me. I had the pleasure of accompanying and encouraging the artist friends who participated.

The fair was so huge that I did not scan everything visually. Very beautiful works and less beautiful for my taste. a lot of climate themes that caught my attention, in particular the exhibit of sculptures of sand cars installed along the beach in Miami Beach. The Argentinian artist Leandro ErLich wanted to show the apocalyptic side of our planet on global warming where each of us must ask the question of our responsibility, no matter in the field or us excellent.

- Natacha -

More Eye Candy this way: Le Figaro Arts et expositions - L’Art Basel Miami Beach 2019 veut lutter contre le réchauffement climatique

Website Art Basel in Miami Beach

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