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Hydrate from the inside

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Autumn couldn't be a more amplified way to remind you that the cold season is coming. Prepare. Hydration is more than simply drinking water. It's a self-care attitude from within!

In summer, when the weather is hot, we tend to drink more but what about wintertime ?

When it gets colder, radiators are running at full speed and are drying up our living rooms : in result, we tend to sweat more and loose more water which cause tiredness and headache.

Drinking water allows us to maintain our body’s hydration level, it helps with our concentration and contributes to our general wellness. Our body needs approximately 1.5L of water per day and this all year long. No matter if the weather is extremely hot or cold, we need to stay hydrated on a regular basis.

Moreover, studies show that :

The « caucasian » skin type loses on average 400 to 500ml of water each day, which approximately represents a small bottle of water.

This loss is compensated by the food we eat and the water we drink daily. However, the melanin skin type, loses 2 to 3 times more water ! It’s hard to offset such a big loss naturally and this is why this skin type suffers a lot from dehydration.

As the seasons change, our body's needs become quite exaggerated. Listen to your body! Autumn couldn't be a more amplified way to remind you that the cold season is coming. Prepare. I write about Autumn a lot.

In winter, dehydration is amplified because of cold air and heating, skin and hair suffer from it, so it’s necessary to drink more water.

Many people don’t link or are not used to drink water regularly, I was one of them and I realized what were the consequences on my skin. I had to change my habits : now it’s non-stop hydration !

It's easy to get lost in your work - HYDRATE!
To boost my hydration, I also love to drink hot tea with fresh ginger, a slice of lemon and some honey. On top of being good for rehydration, it’s also a great anti-viral and anti-bacterial. In case you don’t know, tea is naturally full of antioxidant flavonoids so it’s a great hot drink to preserver ourselves from automnal virus.

Enjoy it without moderation and don’t forget, being well hydrated means good health and good-looking skin !

What about you ? Do you drink enough water daily ?

- Natacha -

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Hydration is key

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