Mindful Media Consumption - A Self-Care Necessity

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

This week we tackle self-care and how to not fall apart during COVID-19. Desiree published Honor Your Emotions - A Self-Care Classic yesterday and this is my take on how now, more than ever, we need to dial back the obsessions and fears and take care of number one...

It's essential to honor your emotions. But it's equally important not to feed the monster under the bed by constantly reading 24-hour news updates and scrolling conspiracy theories on social media. This is tough for many of us, I know, it's tough for me as a mom of a 4-year old.

Reading the news can be stress-inducing at the best of times. When the news is particularly worrying, many of us experience levels of anxiety so high that we can have difficulty coping. While news cycle-related anxiety has probably existed for centuries, it is very likely the case these days. It also became particularly obvious in 2016, a year packed with global events that polarized communities. When people started reporting tension and anxiety that stemmed from feeling bombarded by alarming news headlines, some therapists came to describe this as its own phenomenon.

For example, therapist Steven Stosny, Ph.D., refers to it as “headline stress disorder” in an opinion piece for The Washington Post.

Yes, it's important to stay informed, but consuming too much news can induce feelings of anxiety.

Try to limit your intake of news and social media, and distract yourself with something you enjoy instead. Beautifully put by the lovely @msjenniferdanielle - someone who has consistently been a stylish inspiration to me in my instagram feed (but I do limit my intake, taking my own advice!)

Honestly, even binge-watching Netflix will do you more good than compulsively checking the latest updates! Read up on Desiree's blog yesterday if you haven't already done so, and more on this all tomorrow...

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