Now Introducing Angie Franklin

The most profound power of change is people of good character aiming their superpowers at unrealistic dreams.

Because if it were realistic, we’d already have it, or be close to having it, so what’s the point of building toward it?

Angie Franklin’s a yoga teacher. That’s a place to start with her anyway, because it’s one of her superpowers, and it fits nicely on a business card. Angie Franklin: Yoga Teacher. It’s direct. You know where you are with a yoga teacher.

Made myself laugh for a second. Whoever heard of someone with only one superpower? That would certainly be a dismal view of the world.

Angie’s got several. She teaches yoga, certainly, and she knows people, and she knows how to communicate with them. She’s got a welcoming style all her own that looks so nurturing to me.

I feel empowered to live a better life, and I’ve only been reading her words and looking at the way she arranges her imagery.

Her style shows off a foundation of values deep as this thirty-year-old rose bramble I tried to get rid of once.

It took ages to remove those roses. We cut them down to the ground every autumn, and every summer they’d come back taller and fuller than the summer before. Stubborn flowers.

I have a feeling that Angie’s like those roses.

She’s got an unrealistic dream. She aims to make yoga welcoming to melanin queens like herself.

By patiently (stubbornly) aiming her superpowers at her unrealistic dream (sounds like a reason to turn a dream into a reality) she’s improving the world by inches every day.

If something’s unrealistic, that’s the world daring you to change it.

Welcome to the family, Angie. PS - One is NEVER too old to do yoga. Just saying.

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