Now Introducing CaTyra Polland

I admire and applaud CaTyra Polland. If I’m entirely honest, writing makes me go cross-eyed. I do it because it’s the only way I know how to get my thoughts straight, and I do it because it needs doing because it’s sometimes the best way to get some collective thoughts straight so we can all proceed with something more real.

I struggle with it every time I sit down to do it, though. I need to hide myself away to get it done at all, and I whine and moan and groan about it and make angry eyes at my laptop, and not in a cute, pouty way.

People have been known to see me writing and run in fear from the spectacle. It’s not sexy.

And so I admire and applaud CaTyra Polland. She’s made a life out of writing. More than that, she’s one of these rare writers who’s turned her writing into a living thing.

Some writers just arrange chicken scratches into grammatical shapes to communicate data (raises hand—timidly—hoping for contradiction but expecting none).

Some writers carve engrams outside themselves in paper and pixel.

Through their words, their minds take root far from them through sheer vitality. I think CaTyra’s one of these, a writer who invests a little bit of soul into every letter set down in ink.

So this headache, cup of tea, and several angry expressions goes out to you, CaTyra Polland.

Welcome to the family.

Here are some of our favourite Catyra essays:

My Achilles Heel: Pride

One of my greatest fears is being vulnerable especially in romantic relationships. This fear stems from growing up in a household with domestic violence. I was always afraid because I had no control. I couldn’t protect my mom which was terrifying.

Atlanta African-American Book Festival Founder, Farai Caldwell and Founder CEO of Polland Enterprises, LLC

This year marked the second Annual Atlanta African-American Book Festival. Since I missed the inaugural book festival, I had to make it this year.

Although attendance was low, the event was totally worth it. I was lucky enough to be a volunteer for this empowering event.

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