Now Introducing Patricia from The Motherland Plug

Sometimes people say to me, “Well, your look certainly makes a statement.”

Of course it does! It’s not a bad thing. It’s a point of pride. I can wear stories about what I believe. An outfit is an archaeological statement about a moment of culture. Thinking anything else is misunderstanding where clothes come from.

Patricia runs a shop called The Motherland Plug, which she styles the African Diaspora Resource. The Motherland Plug began as her own Etsy shop, where she sold her own handmade goods. It’s grown from there to be a home for other melanin-rich designers and voices.

Revolutions in clothing, either in their design or manufacture or who gets to wear what, have been matrices of revolution in culture.

Why cultural change like equality of women needed an accompanying wardrobe change has always escaped me.

Perhaps because the people in power felt too uncomfortable to face the problem directly and thought it’d be easier to talk about trousers instead. Whatever the reason, costume has power. Power that is fierce in its quiet, giving a visible and visceral component to any statement.

Patricia’s here to empower melanin queens, by her words and her platform and with some gorgeous new wardrobe.

The Motherland Plug is a culturally curated Afrocentric online retailer. Customers can find a variety of handmade, fairtrade, African imported goods. Our shop exists to help individuals of African descent feel people feel proud, loved and important.

Founder of The Motherland Plug

Experienced School Program Coordinator with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organizationmanagement industry.

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