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Practice Gratitude

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Humans are designed to focus more on negatives than positives. I find that it thus takes a uniquely strong character to want to bring human minds to a positive space. People who produce Art and Music can be such characters, but in recognising our inclinations we get stronger.

Practice Gratitude - Melanin Queens

This ability to focus on negatives helped our ancestors survive as it was more important to remember where they last saw the lion than where they saw a pretty flower.

This 'programmed response' makes it easy for us to be infected by the negative thinking of others.

Our moods are also contagious, so how can you keep your vibe high when those around you are losing their marbles?

A great way to do this is to practice gratitude. It will retrain your brain to focus on the positives, helping to protect you from negative vibes.

You may even infect your co-isolators with some gratitude!

Art and Music Heal - My theory on practicing gratitude

Artists and Musicians have the unique ability to take negativity and produce something beautiful out of it. Art Curators and those who bring art to everyday people like you and me have a different, but related, keen sense about this phenomenal energy.

This feeling rings especially true when I am liaising with talented musicians and with wonderful people in the art world. It is as if they have some magical connexion to the past, present and the future all in one...giving them the capacity to bear so much gratitude for every little beautiful thing at this present moment.

One lovely woman I have met recently is Ludi, CEO Founder and Curator of Wylsum Gallery in Barcelona. I genuinely do not meet many people in the Art World who are brilliant and yet so very humble and grateful.

I would take a page from her Playbook any day.

Practicing gratitude is its own reward but also has the intrinsic benefits of paying a kindness forward.

Everything, from the smallest act of "thank you" uttered genuinely (rather than hastily) to every store keeper, waiter or friend; to grand gestures of giving back-- also build psychological immunity. Something we could all use a little more of these days in light of pandemics and other current events.

Read up on the bigger picture with 8 Ways to Build Psychological Immunity

Ludi is a #melaninqueen we have invited to LetsTalkMelanin and we look forward to you reading her words and insights very soon.

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