Saint valentin : Paris je t’aime

Is it a commercial hallmark-card-fuelled party or a true celebration of love? Let me gather and share my thoughts for you...

After recovery from a long journey, this week was full of emotion-- between family life and the active woman that I am. My schedule never seems to slow down!

I sometimes feel a little bit foggy, unable to motivate myself for my sports sessions. Fortunately, I can count on my good old friends, a little phone call, and voila! I'm in PARIS 17th, embraced by laughter, happy chatter and our happy lips asking the question that came back on the lips that going we do for Valentine's day,

Ah Valentine's day !!!

Valentine's Day, let's talk about it.

Commercial party or is it really a party for lovers?

We try to snub it by saying that it is purely commercial, rather than something else, like: "when we love we should celebrate it every day"!

Why wait for Valentine's Day?

Whatever may be said about it, we are all in love with this wave of love that sweeps through this wonderful day of Valentine's Day, the one we expect when we receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a card with sweet words of love from his or her darling.

Nothing makes our hearts beat as much as when we receive this little attention even if it only lasts a day, an hour, or even a quarter of an hour...

Celebrate it fully if you have the opportunity.

I share with you my Valentine's Day to Me.

Little getaway in a super beautiful Parisian Hotel, we then ended the evening in a star restaurant with my lover.

Finally my week which had started badly, ended with a positive note of Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine day’s to all of you.

Please don't hesitate to tell me about your Valentine's Day or evening.

- Natacha -

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(PS - Watch Saint Valentine's Day Animated History just for fun!)

Blog Ainsi, Cupidon s’invite chez AROMANDISE pour nous expliquer plus en détails ces fêtes !

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