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Seeking similarly inclined Startups and Trailblazers

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

I've had a Melanin Circle in my mind for awhile. I don't mean to say that I am interested in melanin skin conversations and nothing more, that's not it. As a woman, a consumer, as a human being, THIS is what I hear often, from others...as well as in my own thoughts:

We have been swindled a lot of times. Every day, sometimes hundreds of times every day, the promises come. This product—this choice—finally this opportunity unlocks the glorious lifestyle of our dreams. It happens so often that we grow numb. We need to carry on, so we grow complacent. We accept the marketing, and it repositions the narrative to frame coincidence as intent. All too often, an industry designed to engender self-love and create confidence gets into the bad habits of Neglect and Forgetfulness. It is perhaps benign and perhaps sometimes not so benign, but it is a pattern, and a pattern that takes change poorly because of the size of the machine. And WHAT is the only constant over time?

Change. I know this, you know this.

Struggle accompanies revolution. How much, if any, revolution we may need is for us here to decide. I submit that change driven by need is revolution. How loud, fierce, wild, or patient a revolution we grow will be for the world to later stand and watch in wonder.

Today, we talk.

Today, we share stories. We examine the holes in the way others do their 'normal' thing, and in the places where our needs seek gratification and yet we find none. This is what I think we should do, as a community of women: We talk about flaws and wishes, and we propose to our tomorrow selves how they can be wreathed in beauty, laughter and brightness. We’re making up for lost time, if anything...but we are changing just as surely as the seasons change..and that is the least of what we are doing.

More on this very soon, but for now, scoot over below and tell me about your Tipping Point. That wondrous point in your journey where you decided to seize the day and start your own thing!



Editor's Note - Find out more about Natacha in Natacha's Diary, big things are afoot and we are happy to have started the conversation on our Let's Talk Melanin Community -

Lets keep talking!

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