Surrender - A beautiful way to build psychological immunity

Between the pandemic and #blacklivesmatter riots that depict the flaws in our society, a mirror is being held up to all of us now.

Suddenly, we can see with startling clarity things to which we were blind before.

Surrender - Let'sTalk Melanin - Melanin Queens
One of those things is the illusion of control. You may have thought until now that you were in control of your life, but that was never really true.

This current slew of crises have shown us the reality: that no matter what we might think, control over outcomes is not in our hands.

Therefore, it is better to surrender to what is, and focus on the things you can control rather than those you can't.

When you release the need to control every single outcome of your life, you will notice your immunity to fear and anxiety increase.

But then... there's the everyday surrender also, and very few so poignantly put as that of Lauren's post here, on building your confidence by letting go...

What do YOU do to surrender (not in a subservient way) let go of pre-conceived notions and stereotypes in hopes of not being a sad stereotype yourself?

Tell me in the comments below...

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