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USTAWI Tipping Point - Introducing Lauren Garcia

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

I was just reading an article about Marilyn Monroe developing her sense of style.

I found it comforting to imagine that even Marilyn Monroe had to discover how to present herself to the world.
Letstalkmelanin - Everything is Going to be Alright - Put Yourself First by @laurenggarcia

Even Marilyn Monroe was human. Is that a strange thing to take comfort in? Perhaps it is. Perhaps it’s not. I think that the motto of the human condition ought to be “Under Construction,” because that’s how we spend most of our time. And it’s not such a bad way to be.

As of this writing, Lauren Garcia is a twenty-something. I don’t know if it’s unique to this wave of twenty-somethings, but it does seem as if the twenty-somethings are left more than any other group to their own devices to discover their place in the universe.

If my memory’s right, then that is partly by choice. I remember an inescapable attraction to blazing my own path in my twenties. It wasn’t entirely by choice.

Twenty-somethings bridge that hazy mid-morning period of life when childhood has ended and adult responsibilities haven’t quite sunk their teeth in yet.

It certainly APPEARS as if there are tools to guide us through that uncomfortable midmorning period, but I don’t believe I’m alone in having silently screamed to the “adults” who designed most of those tools, “Do you even remember being a twenty-something? Because this all smacks of a distinct lack of empathy.”

It’s a difficult period of life and dealt with on all sides with a peculiar lack of sympathy.

Have a look at her IGTV and get a real glimpse of this beautiful character and how she takes in the world today and shares her "mindset over everything" persona...

I couldn't resist asking her: Share your vision in a few words...

"...I attend college and I am majoring in psychology. I work at Free People and model as well. On my social media platforms I do my best to educate people about the power of their mind. My main goal in life is to create a positive impact on those around me and encourage them that their lives mean a great deal to the world around them."

Who is your IGTV audience - exactly who are you talking to - And Why? "My audience would be people like me — in their 20s who may feel a bit lost with life. Your 20s are the years you develop into yourself. I want to help those who struggle with mental health and give them a safe space to understand how their mind is working."

What was your Tipping Point - what on earth started it all?! "What started this journey for me was a major panic attack I had about 1 year ago. I was in a deep “funk” suffering from a multiple of things, such as major depression, severe anxiety, and PTSD. The panic attack “woke” me up in a sense. For the first time in months I was able to see the harm I was creating to myself. In that moment I made the decision to do right by me."

Lauren Garcia is a twenty-something with an interest in becoming something of a focus for building sympathy within her generation. She’s got an interest in the workings of the human mind and how to help when it needs an understanding friend.

Judging from the entire expanse of history, her generation is going to inherit the earth, and they’re inheriting a messy one. We're loved her for quite awhile!

Her generation needs encouragement, and they’ll need Lauren Garcia to help them stay on the bright side of their own minds.

Welcome to the Let's Talk Melanin family, Lauren.

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