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Tipping Point to Strength - Introducing Alicia Rancier

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Once upon a time, for a few years: I was a power lifter. I competed, even. This was way before my three children were born, but as such I've always been attracted to stories about strength. Alicia attracted me because of how she turned her personal challenges around enough to become the beautifully strong woman she is today. It's a far more interesting story than why I bench pressed my bodyweight a million years ago.

I don’t always trust “they,” though, and it isn’t always clear what “good” means. I want to see examples.

That’s what I like seeing. In my experience so far, most examples of things that are “good” for me sound like work.

They sound like leaving out fun and adding in a whole lot of being tired. What’s “good” for me doesn’t always sound “good.” It often just sounds like effort.

Just a thought.

A few things from our conversation... What is "Wellness" to you?

Alicia: Amazing skin, Healthy gut, Toned muscles, Mindfulness, Regular exercise, Laughing lots

What do you do (or hope to do) for fitness sake?

Alicia: I’m a Professional Bodybuilder and a Elite Personal Trainer. My everyday goal is to help others find their own strength and confidence. I’m very passionate with what I do and I absolutely love seeing people transform not only their bodies but their mindsets. (More about her in Muscle and Fitness Magazine: ALICIA RANCIER’S INSPIRATIONAL TRANSFORMATION)

Describe your absolute Wellness Quest GOAL in detail.

Alicia: As far as being in shape I’ve already accomplished that goal. I’m currently working on my skin care. Throughout high school I’ve suffered from massive breakouts and hyperpigmentation from sweating so much while playing sports. Being of colored skin, it’s more of a challenge to have clearer skin. It definitely takes awhile to heal your skin but I have been seeing changes so far just by adjusting my diet and staying hydrated everyday. I know no one will completely have perfect skin but it would be nice to just have a clearer complexion.

I’ve made a new friend.

Alicia Rancier is an example of a particular art form, that art form being the art of treating your body like the temple sometimes mentioned in poetry.

If I am genuinely hungry for an example of a reason to do things that are good for me, then I have one in Alicia. If the body truly is a temple, Alicia has carved herself a monument.

I suppose I can believe in the good that diet and exercise will do me. But can you imagine how beautiful her laugh is? I love that she mentions laughter as a health marker. Amazing.

Welcome to the #LetsTalkMelanin family, Alicia.

If you haven't already read it, get to know Simona Hendy a personal trainer who is also part of our melanin community.

A Wellness Quest - Simona Hendy is a lovely Italian Personal Trainer who lives in Bali.

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