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Ultimately - Self-Care is one way to love yourself utterly

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Now more than ever, Self-care is an essential practice-- says everyone, the internet, and my mom. But must it really be a time-bound thing? Self-love is a broader concept and as such, self-care is predicated on a true grasp on self-love. I thought to explore that...

Self-Care - Let'sTalk Melanin - Melanin Queens
Sunrise Yoga sounds like torture to many...but I can't begin to tell you how beautiful that was...
Self-care means different things to different people, especially at a time like this. You may find yourself needing things that you wouldn't normally, like an extra-long bath or a nap.

Detaching and Reconnecting

Perhaps self-care is more proactive for you and might involve working on yourself and your projects. This time last year, it became necessary for me to take a break from a state of hyper-connectivity. I don't hate my job, nor have I developed a distaste for the fact that my life is bound by endless hours building content, automation and digital ecosystems.

But it was time for me to stop over-working on my work projects to use my free time on a community project that had been in my mind for quite some time. So I did just that.

I would have NEVER regarded myself as an Anything-Retreat kind of person, but there I was, Springtime 2019, doing sunrise yoga and hiking up a bunch of mountains for a Yoga Adventure Retreat. Yup, it took driving up some scary roads up the Pyrenees and hanging out at a 1200-year old Spanish villa to solidify this concept for me, I realized.

I started the Front Page News project as part of the decision to let go of status quo just a tad; and embrace my newly cultivated (old) passions for music events and building a community. That Pyrenees trip was the self-care practice that punctuated the end of my sentence to build something that I love.

I looked to some women I deeply admire and am strangely comforted by the validation that this self-care thing is merely a part of a bigger Self-Love thing.

I quote beautiful Angie, Founder of Afro Yoga:

"The overgrown toenails and chipped polish were a clear indication of how bad I needed this trip..." "It felt incredibly powerful to take up that space in such an unconventional way. A way that not everyone accepts or agrees with. I sat there, enjoying that scorching hot bath in the wild, feeling free and wild myself..." "...I also felt beautiful. My skin browning in the sun, my hair drying in the wind and this cool water that calmed my temperature and made me feel free as fuck. I sat there until I felt my experience was complete..."

How beautiful is that.

Read her full self-care blog this way: "Finding Freedom"

I also love a recent post by @afroyogaangie - it explains a rationale as to why we get into various yoga poses. They are far from mindless movements. Angie also articulates how she visualizes protective energy. You know that energy courses through her veins as she does the yoga poses and teaches women about it all, creating "a protective energy around us as we moved our hands from our crown to our hips, visualizing a bubble of light and love strengthening our energetic field."

To love yourself unconditionally is the over-arching goal.

In so doing, self-care kicks in like a reflex, a yawn, a deep breath and a pause.

Self-care need not be a huge Pyrenees Mountain type of big deal, and you need not be a teacher for this action to be a matter of course.

Ask yourself each day: what do you really need?

Honoring your true needs (and not what you think you should need), and taking time to take care of yourself is one of the best ways to build psychological immunity.

Head over to a longer article outlining 8 Ways to Build Psychological immunity

But first, How are you building psychological immunity during this time? Tell us in the comments.

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Kristina is a LetsTalkMelanin Author and is the Creative Director of Front Page News Music, a grassroots community project that supports musicians at every point of their artist journey. It also creates a means for local businesses to thrive alongside the events, boosting their discovery by more target audiences.

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